GTFO 2015


Well another year is coming to a close, and I made it to the end!  (don’t count your chickens, Tomlinson, you’re writing this on the 29th)


Looking back over the last 12 months I have seen an incredible amount of change and if I have learned anything over the last year, it’s to be grateful for what you have the moment you have it, because you never know when the tide of good fortune will turn.

2015 saw me saying goodbye to my two cats, Lects and Mauly.  The photo of Lects here is from last Christmas, and we didn’t know just how soon it would be that we would say goodbye after this photo was taken.  Mama was gone six months after that.  Inconceivable during Christmas 2014, but here I am days after Christmas 2015 without them.  By far the most painful experience of the year.

After a few weeks of no more scooping cat litter (rejoice!)…I found myself missing the pitter patter of kitten feet, and so after many trips to the Humane Society, I got suckered in by this guy:


Meet Freddie!

He conned me by being an instant snuggler and seemed shy and reserved, but the ink hadn’t dried on the adoption papers before he realized I was stuck with him and he could be his true self.  So far he has ingested a hair elastic (and thrown it up…thank god), relentlessly provokes the dog into fighting him, and uses my toes as chew toys.  Good thing he’s cute.

So in my post “Happy Chew Year‘ I listed two main goals:  Make a Video and Go On Tour.  I’m happy to report that I successfully crossed the first one off the list!  The last one, well…let’s just say it’s a carryover.  It’s not high on the list today.  Which leads you to wonder, well…what is then?


Here’s some 2016 goals that don’t sound boring and business-y (because I’ve been doing a lot of research about marketing for musicians.  And don’t get me started on how many tears I have shed over creating this “new and improved” website. I think it’s taken years off my life, the stress of it all)

  1. Launch a proper YouTube channel!  With a consistent stream of videos! So I can make you laugh every week!
  2. Go to ITALY! Yep, gotta check that one off the ol’ bucket list. Bueno.
  3. See ADELE in concert! I was one of the lucky ones to get a ticket.  Read SINGLE SEAT.  Going alone. Oh, did I mention I’m sitting in the 8th row? YESSSSssss
  4. See CELINE in concert! Look out Montreal!
  5. Do my hair!  This one is big.  I am soooo lazy about it and have been a permanent bun head for DECADES.  I think it’s time to stop being lazy!
  6. See the Color Purple on Broadway. And Waitress. And Fun Home.  And Something Rotten again. And Hamilton. And, And, And..

That sounds like a good starting list!

What about you?  Anything exciting for 2016?

My new year’s resolution for 2016:


Happy New Year!


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  1. Darlene
    January 14, 2016 at 11:01 am

    Thanks for the post. Have a great year I am so looking forward to spending the next few months side by side to you.

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