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I spent my 42nd birthday on 42nd Street!

Happy Birthday to me!
It’s been a recent habit of mine to spend my birthday in NYC.  Since I love Broadway shows so much, I can’t think of better way to celebrate each year than to head to the theatre.  This year did not disappoint, and in fact…it may just have been my best trip to NYC yet!
The only way I can afford to go every year is to do the trip on the cheap.  And cheap means Megabus.  You just can’t beat it for the price they offer it.  AND!  Now they are offering reserved seats for an extra $7!  So you don’t have to get there way in advance to line up and hope to get a decent seat.  My round trip ticket from Buffalo Airport to NYC was $44 USD.  There is no cheaper way to go, and the ride isn’t that bad either.
Once I got into the city, I made my way to a bar to meet my best friend (and roommate for the week)

After a happy reunion and a glass of white wine, I headed to Grand Central Station to catch my train to Brooklyn!

Living out the last few minutes as a 41 year old in Grand Central Station!

Woke up on Saturday, my big day, and went on an adventure with my OTHER best friend in NYC, who preferred me not to take pictures of her…but she is beautiful and sweet and funny….and she showed me a great time!
First up, we went to Du Jour, where I ate a delicious ratatouille and my friend treated me to a birthday boston cream!
Then we walked around the neighbourhood, stopping as we went to sample some delicious goodies like maple flavoured ice cream, and the best damn chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had, from Buttermilk Bakeshop:
We also had the coldest cup of milk to wash them down. Divine!

Then we stopped in to get ourselves some mani-pedi action (mani for me, pedi for her)

Only $10! And it lasted all week!

We went shopping at Beacon’s Closet, which only had limited sizes and no order to their racks, so I didn’t buy anything there.  But I did buy myself a new purse at Enz’s, a great rockabilly store (if not pricey).

And they gave me 20% off! Yay!

That night I had booked myself the first of five Broadway shows, so off I went to (horrible) Times Square to see this:

When I was researching about shows, I saw this one and just wasn’t sure about it.  It opened on April 22, and the reviews were raving.  I didn’t read a bad thing about it.  Everyone on Twitter was saying it was hilarious, and the tickets in the balcony were all $37.  How could I say no to this show?  So I went, with zero expectations and an unclear idea of what the show was even about, other than it took place in the time of Shakespeare and it was a musical comedy.
So the show began…and from the second the curtain lifted to the very end, I was witnessing one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen on Broadway (if not the actual best).  There was a showstopper in Act 1 that brought the audience to its feet with a standing ovation, something I’ve only seen in one show before, Pippin (which until SR, was my favourite show).  But this song, “It’s a Musical”, made me actually weep with joy.  I was so overwhelmed by the awesomeness and spectacle of this number that I started tearing up and thinking to myself, this is so fantastic I’m completely awestruck but how great this number is.  It defines showstopper.  And that was only Act 1!
The laughs did not let up, and the best part about it was how they absolutely took the piss out of musical theatre but celebrated it at the same time.  It was a magical, wonderful, hilarious, uplifting, joyful, fun and fantastic show. I can’t find enough words to describe it.  It was by far the best I saw all week…if ever!
Overall, I’d say I had one of the best birthdays ever!
Great start to my 42nd year!


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