About Me in 10 words:

I write songs and sing them and hope you laugh.

About me in a 10 sentences:

  • I’ve wanted to be a singer my whole life
  • I started writing songs because I knew Diane Warren wasn’t going to come knocking on my door and hand hers over to me
  • I stunningly (and ugly cryingly) received a FACTOR grant in 2014 on the strength of my songwriting, and with that money I released my debut EP, London Girl
  • I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund my debut music video in 2014
  • I then received funding from London Arts Council in 2015 to make a video for London Girl, which I shot in November 2015
  • I realized that I wasn’t having much fun carving a path as an “indie musician” and took a break to find the answer to the question “what the hell am I doing?”
  • The answer came via a show by Bo Burnham at Centennial Hall in London in March 2015
  • I finally clued in to what my audiences have been telling me for years…yeah, you can sing…but….YOU’RE FUNNY, GIRL!
  • I wrote 14 comedy songs and debuted them at two sold out shows in September 2015, and people laughed until they cried
  • I can’t wait to make you laugh too