CeCe Penniston is a Fortune Teller


This is my friend Rob.

Rob and I have been friends for a reaaaaaaaally long time.

soooooo many “don’ts” in one photo….

We met in high school, and have the matching “favourite or funniest memory” in the yearbook to prove it:

I know you’re wondering what the heck “Nell Carter in a Sammy Suit” is. All I remember about this once hilarious inside joke is that Nell Carter performed as Sammy Davis Jr by…wearing his skin? Was that it Robbo? I can’t remember…
Decades ago, Rob gave me these salt and pepper shakers, because he wanted the future me to answer the question “who gave you these horribly tacky salt and pepper shakers”. (ROB CROXFORD! Oh and by the way, these have been my s&p shakers ever since, and nobody has asked how they came to be in my possession, nor have they been called tacky…which they are)
Cheepay (a nickname that was born out of me saying “that’s cheap, eh?”) and I have a long storied past full of ups and downs, adventures, heartaches, reconciliations, realized dreams and unfulfilled ones…but above all, we have shared–and continue to share–lots and lots and LOTS of laughs.  He has always gotten my sense of humour (and I his) and we have a special connection that regardless of time, distance, or age, will always bond us together.
Speaking of time….
The year was 1992, the month was April, and I was celebrating my 19th birthday.  Rob gave me a card:

Inside the card, he wrote me a promise:

The promise read:
P.S.  Since I am so poor, and since I still owe you supper; one day, “EAST SIDE MARIOS”!
I’m so overjoyed to report that:

(CeCe Penniston song, popular in 1992)


Thank you Rob!
PS–hey East Side, I waited 23 years for this meal and didn’t end up getting dessert because you were out of vanilla ice cream!!!  Please…don’t take 23 years to get vanilla ice cream back in stock.


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