Dr. Google prescribes Netflix!

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What a difference from the week before!
Last Tuesday I woke up with a funny sounding voice, which I promptly self-diagnosed as laryngitis.
Tuesday afternoon I got myself home and in bed, and pretty much stayed there until Saturday!
Simple laryngitis, I think not!  More like kick-you-on-your-ass-itis…(that’s a thing, right Dr. Google?)
Whatever ill came over me, it sure didn’t want to let go! I haven’t been that sick in a long time!  And while I am definitely feeling better than I was, I’ve still got a funny sounding voice.  Hopefully I’ll be all fixed up in time for my show on the 22nd.
Aside from sleeping and eating chicken soup (of which I did in massive quantities this week), to pass the time I spent a lot of time in front of the TV, and reading. This is what was on the keep-the-sickie-entertained schedule.
Elaine Stritch “Shoot Me” documentary
Broadway legend Elaine Stritch was 86 when she was featured in this documentary, and let me just say, what a broad!  She is someone to admire for her originality, humour, straight-shootin’ and IDGAF attitude.  Sadly she died this year, at the ripe old age of 90.  Worth checking out this doc if you like saucy dames.
This documentary is about Laura Dekker, a 14 year old girl with a dream to sail solo around the world.  While I know it’s dangerous to compare yourself to others, if this youngster can do that, what can I challenge myself to do?
Finding Carter
Yes, yes, I know.  It’s a show on MTV.  The teens are all ridiculously good looking, and spoiled, spoiled, spoiled.  The main character, Carter, is an entitled, selfish, disrespectful brat. But the premise of the show is what drew me to watch.  A teenager learns that at the age of 3, she was abducted by the woman she believes is her mother, and returned to her biological family 13 years later.  I’m only 4 episodes in, and it can be incredibly cheesy and infuriatingly “teen”-y, but it’s still more interesting to watch than Extant, which I ditched last week.  Also, perfect viewing for when you’re sick.  Mindless TV.
Who better to make me feel all warm and fuzzy than my current movie-star boyfriend, Benedict?  I re-watched episode 1 & 2 of series 3.  LOVE this show.
Started reading this book called #GIRLBOSS.  It’s okay.  (I haven’t really been that bothered to pick it back up after reading the first few chapters, but I’m sure I’ll get around to it)
Just picked up this one at the library yesterday (my first trip out of the house since Tuesday!!).  The blurb says it’s the Wizard of Oz meets Kill Bill.  Um…TAILOR MADE FOR ME!  Can’t wait to read it.

To know me is to know that I love Zachary Levi.
Zac has been doing “Nerd HQ” in San Diego for the last few years, and this year he crowdfunded for it.   I gave $10 because I felt it was worth it to give something.   I watch the Conversations for a Cause, which he streams for anyone to watch, so I didn’t mind paying something to see them. I spent a few hours this week watching the conversations, and I’m always blown away by Zac’s candor, honesty, humour and overall good nature.
Here’s my name on the Wall of Honor for donating to Nerd HQ (upper right corner!):

Even though all these great pieces of entertainment helped me pass the time, it was totally a drag being sick this week.  I’m grateful to be on the mend, and now I have to make up for lost time by practicing extra hard for the show on the 22nd!  I can almost get through all of London Girl on the piano without making a mistake.  In 2 weeks I’m sure I’ll be good to go!
Hope your week was healthier than mine!  And may you not get kick-you-on-your-ass-itis.  It’s no fun, even when surrounded by fun things.


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