It’s Oscar Day! #AskHerMore and Krysta Rodriguez


It’s my favourite entertainment day of the year!!!!

I’ve written about the Oscars before in this blog post.  I’m totally excited this year because the Oscars hired Neil Patrick Harris to host, and if you’ve ever seen him host the Tonys, you know we’re in for a great show!

The one thing that I find incredibly irritating, and thankfully so do a whole boatload of other people, is this bullshit:

Thank goodness for the #AskHerMore campaign on Twitter!  (oh…and as a side note? If you want to improve your entertainment value for the duration of the show, get on Twitter and savour the amazing tweets by following #oscars—or for preshow, #askhermore—the speed and wit of some tweeters out there is so possibly more fun than the show itself. This goes for every awards show, actually…see what I mean here)

If you aren’t sure what #AskHerMore is, basically it means stop treating women like cake toppers and actually ask them questions of value, not just stupidity like who are you wearing.  People submit amazing suggestions for questions on Twitter, and would like interviewers to actually ask women about their work, not how they balance being a mom with work or what jeweller made their earrings. I haven’t seen many red carpets lately because of the fact that interviewers ask banal questions, ignore the people who aren’t the star (like actors’ wives), and reduce women to a dress and accessories.  Mani Cam?  Puh-lease.

Thank goodness people are demanding more and I’ll tune in tonight to see if the campaign is getting traction!

On a sad but happy note, I wanted to bring your attention to Krysta Rodriguez.  Krysta is an actress (Smash) and Broadway star (First Date…with my MSB Zachary Levi…saw it twice), and at just 30 years old she’s been diagnosed with breast cancer.  This goes to show again, cancer knows no bounds and can affect anyone at any age.  What is pretty phenomenal about Krysta, aside from her amazing talent, is her attitude and response to her diagnosis.

She has started a blog detailing her journey, which you can read here.  If ever a person demonstrated incredible positivity during a really challenging time, Krysta is it.  Just another reason to admire her.

Me and Krysta Rodriguez at the stage door of First Date

So that’s my short Sunday post.  See you on Twitter tonight! @missmtomlinson I’ll be live tweeting so follow along!


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