Never Say Never….


Some of you may have attended my one and only Christmas show from 2011, back when I performed as “Josephine Cleo”:

Still one of my favourite posters, thanks to Rob Croxford!
After that show I said I would never do another Christmas show ever, and especially never a Saturday in December.  This was a nightmare of a show for me.  I forgot the words on the very first song, and another in the set, I had a very active and crying baby to contend with, and trying to get people to attend was so challenging, given that everyone has plans on a Saturday night in December!
I had asked a friend to film certain parts of the show, and looking back at the performance, it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was in real time.  So as my post title says, never say never!  I’ve marked my calendar for another Christmas show!
This poster is obviously missing the Croxford touch
This one is on a Thursday night, because it’s true about Saturday nights in December.  Will I still be able to get 40 willing participants out to the show?  It’s hard to say.  It’s a gamble no matter what I do!  But here are some enticements for those who are interested in attending:
1.  I will be singing Christmas songs!   Do you like Christmas music?  Well that’s what I’ll be singing.
2.  Michael will be joining me as part of the band!  So there will be guitar!
3.  I will be debuting my ukulele skills!  And not just on Mele Kalikimaka!
4.  I will be playing my own piano!
5.  Michael makes a Christmas album every year, and we will be doing one or two of those fun songs!
6.  Banjo!
7.  I’m throwing a couple of Disney tunes in the set too!
8.  I will be telling entertaining stories about the holidays. I worked in retail, people!
9.  This show is a reward for those backing my video project on Kickstarter, so there will be presents!
10.  Cake!
I’ve never tried doing a Kickstarter before, so this entire Kickstarter project is a crapshoot.  But even if it ends up being a dismal failure, I can honestly say I’ve had so much fun creating the video, making the rewards and putting it together that even if I don’t succeed with the funding, I’m glad I am giving it a try!
The only way it will be successful is with YOUR support, so go to on TUESDAY Oct 28th to contribute your pledge on launch day!  The campaign will run for 30 days so you have all that time to let your friends know about it too!
If you are going to come to the show, why don’t you let me know some of your favourite Christmas songs and I will consider adding them to the set! (remember, I am not a piano virtuoso, but if I can learn it in time, I’ll add it to the set!)  Leave a comment below, or tweet me @missmtomlinson with your suggestion!


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