Oscars Tonight!

It’s Oscar Day!
I’ve been a fan of the Oscars since I watched Silence of the Lambs win for Best Picture in 1992.  I have dutifully sat through each 4 hour show every year since.  And what I’ve come to realize after 22 years of viewership?
The Oscars are a bit of a snooze.
Yep. I just admitted that.
Here’s the thing.  I was late to the Tony Awards party.  I didn’t start watching those until last year.  And have I ever been missing out!
Typical Oscars speech?
I’d like to thank my lawyer, my agent, my manager, the studio…boring…Boring…BOOORING!
Typical Tonys Speech?
I was a little girl with a big dream and it came true…INSPIRING!  ENGAGING!
I think people forget that there is a worldwide audience watching, and limiting your words to affect those in your inner circle is missing the point of the acceptance speech entirely.  I understand you didn’t get up to the podium alone and lots of people were instrumental in getting you there. But what about the millions who bought tickets to your movies?  Who are sitting at home watching?  Why forget about us?
Not only that, actors…think of the mileage an amazing speech can you get you publicity-wise!
Whose speech do you remember:
Jack Palance vs Tommy Lee Jones.
Cuba Gooding Jr vs Kevin Spacey?

Charlize Theron vs Gwyneth Paltrow?


Roberto Benigni vs anybody else?

Truly my favourite Oscar Moment ever!
It’s such a missed opportunity to give a craptastic speech.  And it pisses me off when they say “I didn’t write a speech because I didn’t think I’d win.”.  Dude. You were NOMINATED, for crying out loud! That means you have a shot at it. Prepare! Isn’t that what you actors are all about?  Isn’t that what you’re always trying to hawk whenever you promote your mediocre shlock to me at press junkets?  “I did my own stunts”…did you just show up and jump off the moving truck, or did you PREPARE for that?  “The cast was put through an eight week training boot camp”  Hmmm…really?  You could do that and not sit down for a half hour to PREPARE a speech to accept what will be a crowing achievement in your career?  “We actually played our own instruments”…so your hands actually DO work then, so you are capable of picking up a pen and PREPARING a speech?
If it’s good enough for the Girl Guides…

After 22 years I’m not going to give up on you Oscars.  But please show me the same courtesy!

That being said…can’t wait for Idina Menzel to sing Let it Go, Judy Garland’s kids to honour the 75th anniversary of Wizard of Oz, Bette Midler to sing and of course, Ellen to host.

My favourite four hours on TV, until I get to the point that I realize shit…another laundry list of names….


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