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So, last post I wrote about how energized I was about music, and how I was all set to forge ahead with confidence!
Yeah…that didn’t last long.
Turns out, a couple of weeks after becoming Oprahfied I went right back to reality by way of one of these:

The writer’s nemesis:  The rejection letter.

This is the second time I’ve been rejected by Ontario Arts Council, and it felt just as bad the second time as it did the first.  I was already having a not-so-great day that day, and opening the envelope to reveal..

…well, let’s just say the Oprah fairy dust had long blown away.

The worst part is they give you the big fat no, and then give you the list of all the people who got a YES!  That’s right, OAC adds insult to injury by offering up the names of everyone that didn’t get the rejection letter, and got a cheque instead!  That way, you can spend the night googling everyone on the list to compare yourself with, and wonder what they have that you don’t! (a cheque Michelle, a cheque).
So I had myself a pity party.  There were tears and tantrums.  I did not accept this defeat with dignity. Then I read a pretty great article about rejection that made me feel better about not only getting rejected, but how angry I felt afterwards.  (completely normal…whew…)
As a result of the big “R”, I of course started to doubt myself.  Should I even be doing this at all? Is the truth that I am terrible at this and should give up?  And for a week, I thought of nothing more.  Then I came across great things like this:
Interesting words from a man named “Zero”

And this, one of my all time favourites;
Just because I don’t eat beef or pork, that doesn’t mean that all the BBQ joints and steakhouses of the world shut down!  And bread is still baked despite there being millions of gluten intolerants.  DQ still has cool treats, even though there are people who are vegan! You see what I’m saying?
Maybe this is just sour grapes, but I wonder how a jury of four people sit down to review 350 people’s music and decide which ones are the best?  It’s like that for any art awards.  It’s not like running, where the fastest person wins, or javelin, where whoever threw the farthest is victorious.  Art comes down to taste, and I guess mine wasn’t theirs.
So now that I see that the idea of quitting is ridiculous I am forging ahead and taking matters into my own hands!
I have been diligently working on putting together my very own Kickstarter campaign!
Kickstarter is a website that allows people to donate to creative projects (“backers”).  Those making the projects (“creators”) offer incentives for backers to donate.  Kickstarter has an all-or-nothing approach to funding, which means you have to make 100% of the money you’re asking for in order for the project to be successful.  If you asked for $1000 and made $999 by the deadline. you get NOTHING!
Last year when Kickstarter was being introduced into Canada, I attended Kickstarter school. One of the fellows who actually created Kickstarter gave us all the ins and outs, tips and tricks and best practices for success so that we could launch our own successful campaigns.
I figure since I’ll be opening myself up to the entire INTERNET, I might have a greater chance of success in funding my project.  But…if I find my campaign is unsuccessful, yes, there will be tears, tantrums and another pity party.  So what.  I’ll do what I’ve always done.  Feel sorry for myself, and then move on to the next thing to try.
If you’re interested in being notified when the project launches, you can comment below or email me at:
Maybe Oprah’s fairy dust is still working magic after all…


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  1. Rob Croxford
    October 9, 2014 at 11:49 pm

    Great post!! I totally get it! Sadly, now I can't stop watching the Nancy Kerrigan loop of "why….why….why…."!

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