Starting off with a BANG!



What I can write here except…

Last night, I hit the LAUNCH button on my Kickstarter project, and was filled with nervousness.  Would anyone be interested in this?  Would people think this is stupid?


It’s 7:04pm on day 1 and I just got a notice of another pledge.  This is so freakin’ rad, man.  I’m up to half funded…on DAY ONE.  So great. Such a RELIEF!

And to boot, I got a landing page story on!

click here to read the story!

The only possible way for this story to get better is if I completed my goal on day 1.  But don’t get me wrong…this is a GLORIOUS start and better than I expected.  WAY BETTER!  I’m using so many ALL CAPS in this post!

The bonus reward of 2 tickets to my show Dec 4th is getting snapped up quickly, so if you are interested in attending the show, don’t wait to pledge!

Go to and:

And if you’re a friend of mine on Facebook, I won’t be posting endlessly about Kickstarter every day for 30 days.  Today’s launch day, what can I say, I’m excited!  Sorry if I’m flooding your wall with too many posts today.  Maybe you can shut me up by pledging and then I’ll reach my goal and have nothing else to say!

(and if you’re friends with me, you know the scenario where I have “nothing else to say” is an unlikely one…check my pulse if that happens)


Chuckie, Matt, Jackie, Darlene, Sue, Meg, Julie, Shelley,
Patricia, Nancy, Shirley, Jodi, Wendy,  Erika and Lori!

It’s 11:00 pm now.  The day’s total is at 57%!  THANK YOU DAY ONE BACKERS!


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