Success is spelled T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U!

In the history books of Michelle Tomlinson, this is going down as one of the best weeks ever!
Last week at this time, I was getting pretty nervous about launching.  This was something new, something I’ve never tried before, and it was a very public way of looking for support…after all, Kickstarter is a worldwide community, and my campaign lives on the website forever after the project’s end date.
My biggest fear was seeing the green bar stay white, an indicator of no pledges.  In my research there were plenty of campaigns that didn’t have a single pledge!  That was what I was worried about.


…I wasn’t going to let the fear of failure stop me from trying.

Sometimes I worry that I ask for too much.  That those of you who have been supporting me since my first show will get sick of me continuing to ask for support.  But what I’ve learned over the last few years is that you support me because you believe in what I’m doing.  When you feel you’ve given enough, you’ll stop giving.  But giving comes in so many forms, and I’ve been so grateful for all of it. Every time any one of you have:
  • Come to my shows
  • Bought my CD
  • Shared a post on social media
  • Offered advice when I needed it
  • Skyped with me
  • Written encouraging texts, tweets, emails and comments
  • Read this blog
  • Called the press on my behalf
  • Asked friends to come with you to shows
  • Worn my t-shirts
  • Played on stage with me
  • Applauded
  • Woo-hooed
  • Pledged to my Kickstarter
  • Given me flowers
  • Asked me for an autograph
  • Asked me when I’m doing another show
  • Written out a comment card
The list is really endless.  You’ve all been so incredibly supportive in so many ways.  I sometimes joke with some of you, don’t encourage me, it’s dangerous!  But without every single one of you offering encouragement, I’d just be an accountant at a desk.
So let me share with you the excitement of the week!

I hit the launch button at 12:02am on Tuesday.  I could hardly sleep. I kept waking up and checking my phone to see if anyone pledged.  I eventually woke up at 7:00 on Tuesday morning, and there was my first notification:

Oh, the validation I feel when I see one of these pop up!

Aunt Charlene was the first one to pledge.  Charlene has claimed to be my #1 fan since my first show.  In fact, she even wore one of these at a show:

And she added proof to that claim by being the first one in.  THANK YOU CHUCKIE!

Day one I had 16 people back me.  I made over half my goal in one day!

And since then, as of right now, 19 more people have come on board to support me!

Michelle Tomlinson is Making her Debut Music Video! -- Kicktraq Mini

Not only that, I had a local paper write a story about it, and I’ve been asking for RTs about the project on Twitter.  To my surprise and delight, Elizabeth Gilbert came through for me! (author of Eat, Pray, Love…you’ll remember from this post that she’s super awesome)

And I still have THREE WEEKS left to go!  So I’m regrouping and will be setting my personal goal now to $2200.  That will cover the cost of 2 videos and take care of the service charges I owe to Kickstarter.  If there’s anything I’ve learned over the last week, it’s that AMAZING THINGS CAN HAPPEN if you simply ask for what you want.
Which brings me to another amazing highlight of the week…
My neighbours Dan & Amy had their own amazing week, when they got a call from David Letterman’s show that they got 2 tickets to Tuesday’s show! (good day for our street, Tuesday…)  So I told them that they should go to Dun Well Donuts if they had time, because they have the best donuts in NYC.
Not only did they visit Dun Well Donuts to experience the deliciousness first hand…


Back in May when I went to NYC I had purchased one of their donuts at Smorgasburg.  I ate it in Times Square, which was memorable for two reasons:

I have thought about that donut since May, and couldn’t wait to go back to NYC to have another one. Thanks to Dan & Amy, I didn’t have to wait until then!
(never, ever move.)
And lastly, rounding out my amazing week, I got to see this yesterday:
In closing for this post, I want to give everyone a special thanks who have come out to support my Kickstarter campaign. And if you haven’t yet pledged, you can do so for as little as ONE DOLLAR.  Will you help me get to $2200?
Charlene * Matt * Patricia * Sue * Darlene * Julie * Jackie * Wendy * Jodi * Meg * Nancy * Shirley * Shelley * Lori * Erika * Karin * Regina * Dan * Lee * Brenda * Bruce * Liz * Stephanie * Brian & Janine * Ashley * Marcia * Jackie * Lyly * Marissa * Kristen * Kyrstie * Luisa * Geraldina * Channy * Barb and MEJ * Brooke
To join this list of esteemed people and help my campaign, click on this:
Thank you all for an amazing and memorable week!


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