42nd on 42nd

I spent my 42nd birthday on 42nd Street! Happy Birthday to me! It’s been a recent habit of mine to spend my birthday in NYC.  Since I love Broadway shows so much, I can’t think of better way to celebrate each year than to head to the theatre.  This year did not disappoint, and in…

CeCe Penniston is a Fortune Teller

This is my friend Rob. Rob and I have been friends for a reaaaaaaaally long time. soooooo many “don’ts” in one photo…. We met in high school, and have the matching “favourite or funniest memory” in the yearbook to prove it: I know you’re wondering what the heck “Nell Carter in a Sammy Suit” is….

41 is the new 11

Today is my 41st birthday! It’s weird to even think that I’m in my forties, because I certainly don’t feel like I’m old.  Funny how when you’re a kid you think 40 is ancient. In 1984 at age 11, I discovered the music of Cyndi Lauper and the course of my life was forever  changed….