I’m in The Londoner!

It’s always exciting to be interviewed for the paper! Devon was lovely to speak with and I thought she wrote a great article! Thanks Devon 🙂 🙂

My First TV Spot!

I did my first TV interview in support of my Kickstarter campaign!  Aside from needing a glass of water and a few extra bobby pins, I think it turned out okay! Thanks to Alicia for having me on. 🙂

Starting off with a BANG!

YA-HOO! What I can write here except… Last night, I hit the LAUNCH button on my Kickstarter project, and was filled with nervousness.  Would anyone be interested in this?  Would people think this is stupid? Thankfully: It’s 7:04pm on day 1 and I just got a notice of another pledge.  This is so freakin’ rad,…