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I can’t believe it’s already mid-September!

There are only two weeks until my debut Musical Comedy Shows at London Music Club!

Oh…and did you know…


I felt that worthy of all caps, because it’s a new milestone!  If you’ve followed my blog at all you know the struggles I’ve talked about with selling tickets to shows.  I feel so, so incredibly grateful to have such strong support for this new direction!

I have been away from the blog for a while, because I’ve been so focused on getting everything ready in time for Sept 26th.  I wrote my first comedy song on May 9th and it took me exactly three months to write a total of 14 new songs.  I had aimed for 20 new songs, but after writing the 14th and having only a few weeks until the show, I had to stop and move over to the production side of things.

Before I began this new chapter, I wrote this note to myself and placed it right in front of my keyboard (where I write my songs)…

…because I didn’t want to get tripped up with the thinking that I wasn’t good enough to write these songs.  When you’re doing something new, it’s tempting to give up because you’re not an expert at it yet and if anything, having the reminder that “you can do this” kept me writing, even when I doubted another song would arrive.
Luckily, the songs practically wrote themselves, and it felt really good to feel inspired and excited about what I was writing.  I challenged myself to write about difficult subjects or experiences, and to be honest I’m nervous about singing some of the songs in front of people, but the great thing about using comedy to tell a story is that it’s always lighthearted and intended to bring joy, so even if I’m singing about difficult things, it’s still a positive takeaway for the audience (or so I hope).
So the summer was very busy!  I also had some heartbreak this summer. I had to say goodbye to my cat Mauly, who had been a part of our family for 13 years.  I miss her everyday.
Luckily there were some great things that happened over the summer as well, because as you know…it’s concert season!
I went to see Idina Menzel at the Fox Theatre in Detroit.
I had a ticket in the third row, and it was awesome because she came out into the audience and I got to shake her hand! 🙂
Another fun thing…

Andrea Martin came to London, and I got my Pippin playbill signed! (though sadly I didn’t get to meet her)


I got a cheap ticket on StubHub to see Shania Twain in London!  And speaking of Stubhub…

My friend Marcia and I got fifth row seats last minute to the Oddball show in Toronto (and saw Amy Schumer!)

Me, Rob and David went to see Bette Midler! (if you can call it that…we were pretty far away)

So I had some fun and adventure over the summer!

And now comes the busy season. After the shows I begin pre-production on my music videos! And there is the possibility of me recording my comedy songs in the future too.  Plus maybe a YouTube channel (if I can get up the guts) and a Fringe show (if I get picked).

So much fun stuff! What a difference six months makes, eh?

To think, when I first started this adventure back in 2010, I had no idea what I was doing or where the path would take me. All I knew is that I wanted to sing, and each step of the way I’ve followed this advice:

It has been incredibly useful advice.

I want to leave you with some food for thought.  Every night before I go to bed, I try to fill my mind with something positive, inspiring or thought-provoking.  I came across this TED talk by 16 year old Rosie King, and have watched it a few times because her message is so amazing.  It’s only 6 minutes, but it will stick with you longer than that. Enjoy.


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