Well That Was Fast…

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Well that went fast, didn’t it?

It’s the last day of January (and my friend mar-SEE-ah’s birthday!) and I have been neglecting my blog, so I thought I would give an update on how my chew year is going.

1)  I was so happy to find out that I am on the list for Local Album of the Year through CHRW radio!  AND to make it even better, I had a great write-up about it on James Reaney’s blog (London Free Press).  You can read the post here.
And you can vote for my EP here.  (Please vote, it only takes a second! You’ve got until Feb 4th!)
You can also support my EP by Tweeting this:
Michelle Tomlinson’s London Girl for Local EP of the Year!
or posting this to CHRW’s Facebook page:
Michelle Tomlinson’s London Girl for Local EP of the Year!
2)  I got asked to do a set on Friday February 6th at London Music Club.  So if you want to come see me sing, I’ll be playing ukulele and singing London Girl songs as well as a couple of fun covers!  Details will be posted soon on my Twitter page and Facebook page.
3)  I submitted my application to London Arts Council today for music video funding!  Fingers crossed I prepared a strong enough application.  As you may recall, I haven’t had much luck with Ontario Arts Council, but I did get a grant through FACTOR, so anything’s possible!
4)  I am almost done fulfilling your Kickstarter Rewards!  Some of you haven’t received yours yet, but they are ready for delivery!  (except my Birthday Reward ladies, because it’s not time yet!).  I have to film the squirrel video but it’s been too freakin’ cold, so I’m waiting until I withstand the weather to feed those cute, furry nut-munchers.
5)  My house is being taken over by cardboard:
Believe it or not, these discarded boxes are the seeds for what will be a fun and visually exciting music video for London Girl.  Yep…you heard it….London Girl will be the track for my first video!
6)  Oscar nominations were announced this month!
Benedict Cumberbatch is nominated!  Did you see him at the Golden Globes this year?
7)  I’ve also been to see a few movies this month.  Went to see Selma, which was SO.GOOD.  Also saw Taken 3.  I give it one bagel out of five. (but I saw it with Alex and we had a good time lol-ing our way through the show).  Also saw Big Eyes, which was just okay.  I also saw The Good Lie (good) and Skeleton Twins (depressing).  Oh, and I watched this series:

FARGO.  so,so,so,so,so freakin’ FANTASTIC. OMG. I think I liked it better than Breaking Bad, seriously…LOVED LOVED LOVED….you’ve gotta watch it.  Billy Bob Thornton is so great.  Martin Freeman is so great.  Allison Tolman AMAZEBALLS.  (follow her on Instagram too.  She’s fun)  Don’t wait to see this, it’s amazing.

I should actually say, the worst.

We had to say goodbye to our cat Lects.  Anyone who’s had to make that awful decision knows how painful this kind of loss is.

So that’s been the month of January.  Some good times, some not so good times…but as we move into February, my spirits are high along with my hopes, and I am looking forward to the exciting adventures that await in the most dreaded month in all the calendar year.  However, it also gives a reason to bust out this classic for another go-round…so here’s to February!


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