Winter Blahs? Netflix to the Rescue!

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January.  The month after Christmas. A parade of now-due bills.  Money’s tight and there’s a whole lotta Netflix going on.


Here’s a list of recommendations from me to you!

Making a Murderer. Yep, everyone is watching it, everyone is talking about it, so you might as well watch it too. (It’s a good documentary series, if you can classify the questionable ruining of multiple lives as “good”)


Master of None.  I am late to discovering Aziz Ansari’s amazing comedy, but this show is so funny! A great way to pass the time–laughing.


Twinsters.  Recommended to me, and a great recommendation at that. The documentary of how the internet brought unknowing family together.

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Brooklyn Nine Nine. I love this show. I recently re-watched my favourite episode, the Halloween one from season two.  If you are looking for a new comedy to watch (and who isn’t, because the winter blahs are REAL), give this one a try!

The Seven Five.  A documentary about the worst police corruption in NYC’s history, in the late 80’s. A good trio to watch together, Seven Five, Murderer and 99! Oh, and the main dirty cop liked my tweet about the movie. :/

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 1.20.48 PM

The Imitation Game. This was my Christmas movie last year.  It is a really good movie, and Benedict Cumberbatch is in it! Who doesn’t love the ‘Batch.

And now for some non-Netflix bonus entertainment options!


This is a show on the internet by Jerry Seinfeld, and it is exactly what the title implies.  I personally enjoy the Stephen Colbert, David Letterman and Kevin Hart ones.


I’ve been enjoying the YouTube channel of makeup artist Claire Marshall.  Her beautiful videos are a joy to watch, and she covers beauty, fashion and travel but she also has a vlog where she talks about dealing with her mother’s affliction with Alzheimer’s.


This blog is hysterical.  The writer Geraldine is so funny, even when talking about serious topics like having a brain tumour.  If you want a fun read, this is the place.

There you have it!  Some entertainment options to chase the winter blahs away!

Oh and don’t forget, February sucks too…but you will find a night of respite from the worst month of the year at my upcoming show, VD is for Lovers! Only SIX tickets are left for this fun-filled evening, celebrating the best and worst of love.  Get your tickets here!


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