You Really Don’t Like When I Sing About Death (or Pizza)

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Woo Hoo!
Last night I performed 2 back-to-back sold out shows…and made my musical comedy debut!  How does it feel now?
I have to admit. I was realllly nervous.  I was so scared my hands were actually shaking while I was singing.  But after about the 6th song, I started to relax and got into the zone and pulled it off.  It was such a relief to hear people laughing at my punchlines…I was so scared they wouldn’t laugh!  Admittedly, they didn’t laugh at all the jokes, but the ones I thought would be zingers really had them rolling in the aisles so I guess I’m not too shabby at writing a funny tune.
I didn’t judge any of the songs, I sang every song I wrote for this show (even the ones I thought sucked…they can’t all be hits, folks).  I also provided a booklet for each audience member so they could critique each song and provide me feedback (anonymously if they chose).  I felt it was important to know what the audience thought because it’s really hard to tell when you’re performing, the audience often looks like this:
Thankfully they gave me some helpful notes, wonderful encouragements and incredibly useful feedback, which can only help me grow as a performer.  The one thing I will say, it is amazing to me how differently I feel about some songs than the audience.  Can you believe that the song I thought was the weakest was the one the audience picked as their overall favourite?  I thought about not singing it because I thought it sucked, but nope…voted #1 by the audience.  THAT is why I give out comment cards, because this is what I need to know!
So for those of you who came to the show, THANK YOU, and for your interest, here is how the songs ranked.  The percentage is based on how many of you chose “Loved it” on a particular song:
1. Everybody Lies (74%)
2. My Friendship is Free (73%)
3. #Unclean (67%)
4. B-Cups (64%)
5. One Room Shit House (62%)
6. No Guarantees (60%)
7. The Rule (51%)
8. Laundry Machines (45%)
9. Hot Lady Show (44%)
10. The Greatest (43%)
11. David Copperfield (35%)
12. No Theme Song  (31%)
13. Blue Juice (19%)
14.  Pizza Night (15%)
Who knew pizza would get such hate?

Granted, Pizza Night was the last song I wrote for the show (#14) and maybe I was running out of steam by then, but whoever wrote this on the comment page I want you to know that I HOWLED with laughter over this:
My favourite song to sing, Blue Juice (which I also thought showed a lot of growth for me as a songwriter) was the second least popular, and even got a “hated it” vote (as did Pizza Night)!  What’s interesting too is that both No Theme Song and Blue Juice deal with the topic of death, and I wonder if it’s the song, the words or simply the theme that they didn’t like?
In any case, I so appreciate your feedback and if there’s anything to learn from it, it’s that there is still someone who loved every song and no matter what, there’s always going to be someone who enjoys what I sing, even if a lot of people don’t!
Now that the shows are done, it’s time for the next new adventure…



  1. Darlene Morrison
    September 29, 2015 at 9:24 pm

    I am so sorry I missed your amazing show, but I am looking forward to seeing the videos when they are released.

  2. C.C
    March 5, 2016 at 12:47 am

    ”No Theme Song” was my favourite! A hard topic, yes. But brilliant, nonetheless. =)

    • mtomlinson
      March 6, 2016 at 11:46 am

      Really! I never would have guessed that one as your fave! I think it’s cheeky but fun.

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